What people athiesim does to a civilization

My mom sent me this picture and video today and flood of emotion—rage and empathy—came through me.


This is how I remember Veteran’s Day last week: through the stories of socialist dictatorships that killed off millions in the 20th century. We hear a lot about the European Holocaust but not so much the Holocaust that went on in Southeast Asia under the Khmer Rouge Regime (1975-1979) where almost 2 million people were murdered. I’ve never been to Vietnam but my mom and my dad recently came across real-life survivor Karl Levy (pictured with them) from that documentary The Killing Fields. He wrote a book called “Sinarth: a Dedication to Life” about his surviving through the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia (1975-1979) under communist dictator Pol Pot. He was 9 when his family was massacred. 

My mom took me to the holocaust camp-turned museum Bergan Belsen in Germany in 1996 when I was only 9yrs old—long before any of my peers would even read about this in a textbook. Since then I have been to over 55 countries and wherever we went she always exposed us to the gritty history and greedy side of humanity. There’s this narrative out there in the classroom that wars are started over religion but atheism is at the core of socialist and communist dictatorships which have killed more people throughout history than any other power has.

When one believes there is no dignity to human life than one will carry out their own form of “religion” under the atheist/Darwinian tenants of evolution’s natural selection which is every man for himself. Even if you don’t believe in a supernatural God, all other humans will serve a god here on earth no matter what form that god is in. Souless men can therefore not look inwards for power, they have to look outwards for it which detaches them from God—and creates a nihilsitic approach to life. That’s why there is a silent massacre going on in the womb, too, with abortion claiming more than 60million unborns over the past four decades. More black babies are being aborted now (60%) than being BORN.

Freedom is not free. Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become actions, actions influence how we feel.