Halloween is right around the corner and what better time to induct the newest character into the Horror Hall of Fame than Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. She is nowhere near as ghastly-looking as the other characters but behind her unassuming looks and corporate charm lurks the new Freddy Krueger.



I came across this picture of her in Vogue Magazine recently and it literally made me want to gag. It still does–what about the +60million terminated? Oh the irony behind this picture! She doesn’t stand for anything with family when she condones the atrocities of those who have no voice. Knowing abortion is wrong is one thing yet it’s the NORMALIZATION of it–that’s what sends chills up my spine reading articles like this.

Everything is being normalized that’s wrong in the name of “progressiveness“

Why do you think that when a pregnant woman is murdered the accused is prosecuted for double murder? They count for the baby in her. That baby has life otherwise that murderer would not be charged for two counts. The same thing happened with the Laci and Scott Peterson case. The baby boy she named Connor in her was counted as a human being  so that was a double murder case. I am a true-crime reader and there are many other cases like that. Cecile Richards in one of her articles talks about having an abortion early on in her career  because she was not ready to take on that responsibility of having kids–its not like she was a teenager either, she was married. Doesn’t matter the reason: the point I am making is the worth of that child was contingent on the worth she gave it at that time. Everyone is so autonomous these days–my rights, my body, my morals–hold it right there. Our rights stop becoming all about us when another human’s rights begin.  I wonder if her kids ever think about their oldest sibling who had the misfortune of never knowing life with his or her family outside the womb.

The reason why I am so passionate about this subject is because I know alot of people who were going to be aborted. I know a lot of mothers who were in a really vulnerable time in their life or their man wasn’t around–a whole spectrum of circumstances and they were going to abort their baby and they didn’t. They look back and tell me “that kid saved my life–I was so lost.”  In short, they did what they aught instead of what they wanted at the time.  I also know of women who went through it and the repercussions it had on their life. Here is a woman who went public in this excerpt:

The truth is they don’t tell you about the memory you live with for the rest of your life. For awhile I was able to forget. I had to suppress the memory in order to survive MY right to live. But slowly the memory began to resurface. Back to the room…back to the smells…back to the empty eyes of broken women. Back to the face of the man that literally sucked life out of my body.

Abortion is not about choice. It’s about selfishness. It’s about desperation. And I can say that because I have had one. I have walked a mile in those shoes…and it’s a mile that never ends.


A human “right” to human massacre?

The irony behind The Future Is Female tee is that the company and people who rep it are doing more harm to their own cause by promoting the abortion of millions of unwanted albeit healthy unborn baby girls that could be apart of this glorious “future” I hear of. Not only that, but as a I mentioned earlier, a portion of proceeds from customers buying the shirts FUND Planned Parenthood. It is a viscious cycle. Feminist advocates use the guise of empowerment and women’s “choice” instead of calling it for what it really is: murder. Empowerment is taking responsibility for your actions, entitlement is for selfish reasons at the expense of something else, as in this case the life of an unborn human being.

Olivia Wilde and celebrities like her have created an echo chamber for abortion and although she tries to make a compelling statement in this PSA video she fails on the basic human level of common sense that even a 5yr old could grasp. So basically your reproductive rights boil down to a death sentence for a little human inside of you with a heartbeat at three weeks for the sake of upholding your “human rights.” That’s one big oxymoron.


Some might know that Maragaret Sayer popularized abortion in America yet not many know it’s forerunner: Russia. In 1920, under Bolshevik rule, Russia was the first country to legalize abortion up to birth without restrictions. The method by Lenin’s political party was a way to destroy the family unit and to free women into the workforce. The suction machine was even designed under his regime, still used widely in abortion clinics across America. Joseph Stalin outlawed the practice in 1936, however, only remaining illegal in Russia until after his death in 1953. Until recently, Russian women reportedly had seven abortions over their lifetime. In 2010, a United Nations report showed that the abortion rate in Russia was 37.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44 years, the highest of any country shown in data collected by the UN. Rachele Flores, a pro-life advocate and founder of Redeemed Lives Ministry International has worked with women post abortion helping them better understand the sanctity of life: “When a post-abortive woman goes through the healing and get’s it, it changes everything–they are truly an active voice for life.”

Gianna Jesson, whose mother tried to abort her at 7.5 months, gave this speech to Planned Parenthood as testiment to the voices of those she almost came to represent:

“You have failed, in your arrogance and greed, to see one thing: it is often from the weakest among us that we learn wisdom – something sorely lacking in our nation today. And it is both our folly and our shame that blinds us to the beauty of adversity. If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine? You continuously use the argument, ‘If the baby is disabled, we need to terminate the pregnancy,’ as if you can determine the quality of someone’s life”

-Gianna Jessen

Margaret sayer once said, “I believe that the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into it who have diseases or disabilities or become deliplnqents,”  It’s hard being the spokeswoman for an unborn baby who’s future is undermined before its even born. Crazy logic.  My pastor was going to be aborted. This had nothing to do with his parents not being ready as they were married at the time but it was an unforseen health issue that the doctor made a suggestion to his parents not to “risk it.” Well, his parents knew better and decided to have him, turned out completely healthy and is now pastoring to thousands of people. Healthy or not healthy, we still have no right to take that away–thankfully the parents knew the dignity of human life inside the womb just as much as outside of it.

Today, one in every five pregnancies ends in abortion. If nobody wants to have an abortion, why are women doing it, 2,800 times a day? If women are doing something 2,800 times daily that they don’t want to do, this is not liberation we’ve won. We are playing around in a strange new form of oppression. If people think of this as progress, then why has it polarized us as a nation and permeated our conscience?

The Carthaginians, Spartans, Canaanites and other ancient hedonistic empires were known for their infant sacrifice to pagan gods. The only difference between us and them today is we are sacrificing them before they can see the light of day and in the name of our pagan god called sexual freedom. While archeologists discovered gravesights belonging to the sacrificed children of these ancient people, modern America will soon have the same: several states want to pass legislation mandating facilities to cremate the remains of abortions. As Kristi Hamrick, spokeswoman for Americans United for Life says, “A civil society does not throw the bodies of human beings into a landfill.”

Abortion is no bargain for women, either. It’s destructive and tragic. We shouldn’t listen unthinkingly to the other side of the over-used script, the one that tells us that women want abortions, that abortion liberates them. Celebrity feminists like Gloria Steinam and Cheslea Handler brazenly showed their support for Planned Parenthood by being outspoken about their own abortions they have had–almost a sick right of passage. Lena Dunham also jumps on this bandwagon, while being interviewed about trying to find a way to destigmatize the practice, while admitting she had never had one she said “I wish I had.”

Even babies want to take care of babies: My big sister feeding me (left) and me holding my little sister

This big umbrella of “What defines life?” has brought on a whole spectrum of answers under it–“Oh it’s right at conception” or “it’s right before you’re born” and that is why this has raged on for the past 60 years.  There is a verse in the Bible “I knew you before you were even in the womb” (Jeremiah 1:5). So I think there is definitely a spirit there from the very beginning. It’s not like you are just a multi-living cell or whatever starting out but you are a human cell and humans are different from animals, different from every other living thing. We are born with souls and spirits–a purpose to the life we have yet to live to know and serve the Creator of our universe. We are created with that. If you believe in Creation you know you are dignified. If you believe in Evolution–even though it may have taken millions of years for you to stand upright (and then go hunch down 9-5 on a computer screen all day unfortunately as most of us do) you obviously should recognize human beings are  superior to animals yet there is still something so much more to the relationship you have with God as your Creator and not chance.  I truly believe one’s core beliefs on the origin of the universe subconsciously reflect  their attitudes on human life in the womb. There are a lot things to think about in that respect.

I think about this alot and I don’t know if it’s just being an artist with a high sense of nostalgia but I think about the people that could have been walking this earth if they were not aborted. I faintly see them sometimes like a reverse sixth sense. I think about the people around me that I could have been friends with that could have been changing this world. The ones that maybe their parents were not ready to have them, the mother was not at a good point in her life. Or the mother got raped which is horrendous. Nonetheless, using another form of violence like abortion as the means to aliviate the pain from the preliminary violent act that got her in that situation does not solve that woman’s hurt. [Side note, the accused are not off the hook–of course I think they should be hunted down, castrated and thrown in jail for life.] There are mothers out there who, God bless them, have carried the baby to full term and that baby was adopted, grew up and is now a missionary–I knew a guy like that. They were conceived by rape and they are changing their world because their mothers decided they shouldn’t be held liable for the sins of the biological father. There are some incredible stories out there that show God’s grace and out-stretched hand in situations that seem so futile–He is always there.

Since Roe V Wade in 1973 we have essentially hired our government to be a hit man to take care of our own dirty work. It’s not a right in so much is it a hallucination. I do have empathy for the mother faced with this decision–I often vividly put myself in her situation but I also have more empathy for the unborn baby, the most innocent and helpless of them all. So, people who want to bring up the argument of “what about victims of rape?” need to be reminded that is a tiny percentage and in that light abortion could be made the option to that mother. We are trying to make the exception the rule to serve our own selfish interests as the broader populace seeking abortions.

Its’ a black and white situation  at the end of the day– not as direly grey and obscure as people like to paint the predicament of getting pregnant at an inopportune time. We must acknowledge the large chunk of abortions happening right now are with women who are not ready–in a career-oriented millennial kind of way. It’s not because her boyfriend ran, she is dirt poor, can’t provide or can’t get past the first chapter of “Parenting for Dummies” its that she simply is inconvenienced. She would rather compromise her baby than compromise her career or reputation. To be blunt, abortion beneifits rich girls–a population that should be having children, not the population that doesn’t have all their cards neatly dealt. In equal but different criticism of the way Planned Parenthood deal with different commutities I want to touch on black people. unlike white, studies have started to show that, ironically, this population that chooses to have their kids are on the lower socio-economic scale (still high compared to the rest of the world’s living standards), no marriage in site and a to-be father that just took flight. These mothers see pregnancy as a gift, not a curse. Nonetheless, Planned Parenthood has had a detrimental effect to the majority of fertile black women overall: there are now more black babies aborted than actually born. So there is something weird going on as Planned Parenthood’s attention  gravitates to the women on higher socio-economic scale which is also the population that’s feezing their eggs right now, but that’s a whole other topic.  It certainly is not not bad for the organization when it comes to wealthy donors and outspoken proponents like  Chelsea Handler and the rest of the “my rights my body” feminist gang. In the larger picture, the way we treat our fertility now and the years when we should be having children is so twisted. That’s just an interesting side point that people can explore in their own time.

I’m not marginalizing victims of rape (less than 1% of cases) who seek abortions but rather looking at the larger percentage of  women past high school, have a job or career and are SMART woman but not taking reponsibility for their actions.  Stop dating men who are not husband or father material. Stop dating men that you don’t see yourself married to anytime soon, period…Or you won’t see your period and its gonna be scary. I mean that’s one step you can take because if you both are just “hanging out” that’s the type of thing that can happen even if you’re on birth control. I know of this one elite athlete who was training for the 2016 olympics and less than a year before the Trials she finds out she is pregnant while on the IUD. It’s hard to believe because of her body fat percentage was so low to begin with but she is a prime example of the things that can happen. Sorry to turn into your 6th grade health class teacher preaching to women in their prime right now but we all know what she said “Now abstinance is key…” Some things never change. My advice? Start revearing the Biblical purpose of marriage, reclaim your virtue, burn your Cosmo magazines, and let your recreational dating habits die with it.


My drawing of my nephew’s ultrsound

My drawing of my nephew’s ultrsound

Honestly, I believe that what feminism intends is not what feminism produces. I think women are weaker these days because of our sexual liberation, therefore it is easier—and cooler—to consent to pre martial, albeit risky sex. Just remember even if you are on birth control—that’s 99% effective, you could be the 1 out of 100 case. The men are also partly responsible for causing this abortion epidemic: I believe it is their duty to want to protect a lady’s chasity before marriage—I know I sound like someone’s grandma who just got out of an 8am church service but 80yr olds are the straightest talkers in the world, right!? Men have taken sex outside of marriage for granted because we let them. You wonder why some of them have not grown up and this is a huge part of the reason—we never said no. This behavior has been normalized for so long that it is actually a burden for individuals who want to uphold their own dignity and respect the person they are with to take such a stance unless both parties are of similar mindset. This whole thing can be reversed but it is a rocky journey to the redemption of society. You might have found an awesome man in your life but don’t feel pressure to conform to what alot of your friends around you are doing. The wait is sexy. It takes God-fearing people and a good community around you, too, in order to make a relationship flourish.

To summarize, the normalization of abortion is not a clean thing. In that photo it looks too clean and I don’t like the way Vogue skimps over the real story-–the elephant in the room. When we base the quality  of unborn life on moral relativism–what is right in our eyes– society has repercussions. So here we are now: the highest echelon of magazines Vogue 2017 featuring a sobering picture of what is very much a hianous industry.  I believe Vogue should keep up this “equality effort” that everyone is so worried about with women and do a followup article interviewing Lila Rose and her team at telling the stories of what happens to most of those women after they get an abortion: the psychological, physical impacts and denial. There are plenty.

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